The 4 Rules of Social Media and Marketing Your Golf Course

In a world saturated with a need for immediate updates, push notifications and infinite scrolling, how do you know where to start with social media marketing? It can be an intimidating task to say the least, especially when you’ve got a golf course to run. With some knowledge on your side though, it can be as easy as a putt inside the leather. There are a few key things to factor into the equation. Basically you need to know who, where, why and how much.

The who is the easy one. Your current and potential customers are the who of the equation. These can be local golfers, tourists, kids, retirees, and the list goes on. Knowing your market is crucial to selecting the right channels on which to broadcast your message.

Finding the right channel comes down to selecting which social media sites to focus the most time and energy on. You’re probably spinning your wheels if you’re focusing on Snap Chat. And while you may think most of your audience is on Facebook, that might not always be the case. Business professionals might prefer other sites like twitter or linkedIn and even prominent news websites. Highly targeted ads and robust analytics will ensure sure that you’re getting your message across on the right channels.

The “why” is why your viewers and potential customers should listen to what you have to say. You need to find the right message along with the right tone for your audience. It seems like golfers would all speak the same language and be into the same things but that’s not even close to being the case. Golfers are as diverse as the style of courses you’ll find in Myrtle Beach. Take the time to find out how to talk to everyone.

We can all get burned out when seeing too much of anything. The same holds true with marketing efforts. You want to find a good balance between keeping your course top of mind and keeping the messaging fresh. Marketing and advertising campaigns should evolve over time to fit the current needs.

Keeping some basic rules in mind when using social media marketing for your golf course can make a huge impact on your bottom line. With the flexibility and analytics reporting available, finding results from your online advertising isn’t as confusing as it may sound.

If you’re looking for some guidance and expertise in the realm of social media marketing, contact us now to discuss your options.